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Misconduct Project


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Who can update the Misconducts?Printable

The ability to update the Misconducts (and Supplemental Reports) is governed by two key elements:

  1. the Site Segment from which the request originates (see below)
  2. the Status of the Misconduct or Supplemental Report at the time of the request
Administrator, Assignor, Authority, Chapter, and Officer
These Roles are always read only and are restricted to Reports associated with the defined Authority or the Origin site (in the case of Referee Chapters).
Committee or Disciplinary
These Roles can update Reports associated with their own Authority provided the Report is in Status=New or Pending. Otherwise, they can see any Report associated with their Authority in read only mode.
The Referee can update Reports associated with his/her own User identity provided the Report is in Status=Unfinished or New. Otherwise, the Referee can see any Report they filed in read only mode (to provide them access to any applicable adjudication decisions).