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What are all those Status values in the Status pulldown and what do they mean?Printable

Ah... a key question and one that you (as a Misconduct Project participant) had better understand. The Status value meanings are as follows:

The responsible Committee has reviewed the Misconduct Report and determined that the protest or card will not be accepted. In the case of Cautions and SendOffs, this usually means the Committee determined that the applicable Laws of the Game were not properly applied
A Misconduct or Supplemental report was in Status=New or the Referee left it in Status=Unfinished for more than 3 months from the date of last activity against the Report. It was not reviewed by a Committee after the Report was filed.
A Referee has completed doing all the necessary data entry and has changed the Misconduct Report's status such that s/he intends the Committee to review it
Indicates that the Committee has accepted a Misconduct Report for review, but has not completed the formal hearing and related processes yet. The Committee should change the Misconduct Report to this status right before it begins formal procedures because this status will prohibit the Referee from making any further changes to it (the Referee will be barred from Update)
Means that the Referee has initiated the Misconduct Report, but has not finished completing it. This usually means s/he's attempting to verify a uniform number, re-phrasing the Description, etc. The Committee should NOT process any Misconduct Reports in "Unfinished" status. Wait for the Referee to finish it.
The Misconduct has been forwarded to the Authority for adjudication. The Misconduct Project does not and will not know the outcome of the adjudication.
The Committee has reviewed the card and determined that the Card was issued properly and according to the applicable Laws.