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The Misconduct ProjectMisconduct Project DOES attempt to honor the Privacy of individuals that are involved with the Misconduct Project or who are involved with a Misconduct ReportMisconduct Report completed on this Site or filed from one of the participating Chapters. The following Privacy principles guide us in how to administer this.

Misconduct Identities

The information associated with Players, Coaches, and other individuals that may be named on a Misconduct Report is handled by the general principle that those that already have independent, administrative access to the information associated with the individual can see the information here associated with the individual. The principles that guide this are:

  1. Misconduct information associated with Matches sanctioned by the AuthorityAuthority is available to any User representing the Authority or the Authority's Committee. The assumption is that an Authority has access to Team Rosters and, as a result, already knows the names and personal information associated with the individual participating with the Team.
  2. Referees officiating for the Authority can review any Misconduct Reports that have been Upheld by the Authority's Committee. Misconduct Reports that have not been reviewed and Upheld by the Committee will only be visible to the reporting Referee.


The following policies describe the policies associated with the privacy of a Misconduct Project User:

  1. All Users of the Misconduct Project are required to provide their Name, a Phone number and an Email address where they are willing to be contacted by other Misconduct Project Users, which can be published in the online Directory of Users. Other information (Mailing Address, etc.) associated with each User is completely optional and under control of the individual User. Certain information may be required by the Authority (E.G. Home Phone number) to file a Misconduct, but this information is NOT required to be available in the Directory.
  2. RidgeStar-> (the host for the Misconduct Project) will NOT use, distribute, sell, or make available to any other group and/or organization any information collected about a User to anyone that does not have independent access to the same information.


The Misconduct Project's database information is password protected to keep the data from inappropriate access and/or use outside of the control of RidgeStar and it's personnel.

ALL Misconduct Project pages produced under the RidgeStar domain name (https://misconducts.ridgestar.com) support and can make use of Secure Socket Layer protocols (SSL) to encrypt transmissions between the web server and the User's desktop. This is NOT required, but IS the default processing mode after a Misconduct Project user has completed Logon at http://www.ridgestar.com/misconduct. SSL encryption may or may not be available on individual Chapter, etc. sites (as determined by the SiteManager).