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Misconduct Project


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How does all this fit together and can anyone really keep track of all this?Printable

Good question. Sometimes we wonder ourselves. But ... read over the Overview page for a quick description of how all this flows through the process.

As to the second part of the question, we think the whole Misconduct process and, in fact, the Game itself only gets better if each individual involved with the Game does his/her part. So ... YOU are just as much a part of keeping track of all this as anyone else.

Keep filing the reports. You should be able to watch as your Reports are adjudicated by returning periodically to the Misconducts or Supplemental page on your local site
Keep reviewing the Misconducts filed by your Referees. Use them as a training tool to help your Chapter improve the quality of the reporting for the future.
Keep reviewing and updating the Misconduct status values. It'll help train the Referees and improve the future quality of the Misconducts if you can provide an Explanation of your adjudication decision(s)
Pay attention to what the Referees and your Committees are doing to make the game better (according to whatever policies you may have in place for this sort of thing).