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RidgeStarBeginning with the new century (Year 2000 or so), an Internet Services company in the Pacific Northwest (RidgeStar->) became involved in creating, hosting, and operating a series of Soccer Referee Management Sites-> (interested in details, see Referees.biz->). This happened primarily as a result of one of the RidgeStar Developer's direct involvement as a Referee, as well as a curiosity about how the web might be able to assist in the management issues associated with Referee and Match Management.

One of the tasks required of a Soccer RefereeReferee is the proper completion and filing of Match related Misconduct Reports. We discovered that many elements worked together to make the completion, proper filing, AdjudicationAdjudication, and dispensation of the reports quite a complex and often times an impossible task. In some cases, this led to missing reports or, even worse, ignored and improperly processed Misconduct Reports.

As a result, we experimented with several different approaches to improving this situation with several of our Client locations (printing forms, Emailing results, collecting misconducts online, etc.). While each of these were met with some success, we discovered that what was needed was some sort of a "central repository" for Misconducts that spanned Referee ChapterChapter traditional boundaries and, in fact, spanned entire geographic regions. We also needed information that could be processed by the appropriate participants according to quite specific processing requirements (without regard for whether the participant was a RidgeStar Client or not).

Our goals were/are:

  1. Making the filing of a Misconduct ReportMisconduct Report easier and faster for the RefereeReferee (from RidgeStar sites, as well as other non-RidgeStar sites, or even organizations without a Site)
  2. Reducing the time lapse between the various stages of Misconduct Processing by the appropriate Committees, Organizations, and other appropriate parties
  3. Facilitating the processing of Misconduct Reports by an individual Disciplinary CommitteeCommittee or other responsible authorities
  4. Improving the availability of general and detailed information about the dispensation and adjudication associated with Misconduct Reports

With this general background in mind, we invite you to explore the other aspects of our Misconduct ProjectMisconduct Project to determine if what's here is applicable to your situation. We DO encourage you to explore the other pages under Information as additional background and are hopeful that you find them useful and informative.