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This site has NOT been approved, authorized, or endorsed by any governing Soccer organization!!

This means that RidgeStar, as the host organization for the RidgeStar Misconduct ProjectRidgeStar Misconduct Project, has NOT received any permission, endorsement, or direct compensation for the creation and existence of this site from any authorized soccer organization that is normally responsible for such things.

This site exists solely to act as a coordination point to facilitate the management of Misconduct Reports amongst those participants that choose to make use of it. We offer the site only as a tool available to a RefereeReferee, an AuthorityAuthority that chooses to schedule Matches, and to a CommitteeCommittee that chooses to utilize this site to manage a Misconduct ReportMisconduct Report that is appropriate for them.

In short, you (as a UserUser of the Site) will have to make your own determination about whether the effort associated with this project is positive or not. We, of course, believe it to be a service to our clients, the Referee, an Authority, a Committee, a Team and/or a Player, and the Game, in general.

That said, RidgeStar and it's formal corporate parent (North Ridge Software, Inc.) do hereby inform all visitors to the site that:

  1. we provide only a service to facilitate the management of a Misconduct ReportMisconduct Report and are not responsible for the individual User's use or misuse of the system
  2. we do not review, approve, or disapprove of any individual Misconduct ReportMisconduct Report or any subsequent action that may result from one
  3. we do not distribute any information provided by any UserUser or about any User of this Site to any third party for any purpose whatsoever, except as specifically described in the private areas of the Site (see Information: Privacy) or as required by applicable governmental Rules and Regulations
  4. we honor, uphold, and comply with applicable rules and regulations that are known to us that are associated with Misconduct Report processing, as set forth by the various governing bodies
  5. we reserve the right to refuse use of the private area of the Site to any individual, group, or organization that we believe does not comply with or adhere to accepted ethical behavior (either within the Soccer community or RidgeStar's own corporate ethical policies).
  6. we reserve the right to shut down the Site, when necessary, to comply with applicable Law or as deemed appropriate by RidgeStar Management

Applicable law is Whatcom County, State of Washington, United States of America.