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Misconduct Project

Misconduct Project

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Tuesday February 13th, 2024

You can now customize the Type and Reason pulldowns available in the Chapter sites to restrict the Referee to "specified" choices.Going

Welcome to the RidgeStar-> Misconduct Project on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024 at 9:56pm PDT! We're glad you stopped by and are hopeful that the information and processes you find here are what you seek.

This site is dedicated to facilitating the collection and management of Soccer Referee Misconduct Reports from participating Chapters (one of the Chapter Logos is at the right) and improving the quality of The Game experience for all.

We are based within Washington State here in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., but we think all the principles embodied by the site apply equally well everywhere that formal Soccer matches are scheduled.

If you are already a registered User associated with the RidgeStar Misconduct ProjectRidgeStar Misconduct Project, you can identify yourself by logging onto the site. Please, remember to logoff when you are finished or whoever wanders up to the Browser you are using will appear to the Site to be you. This would NOT be a good thing!

You can move from page to page and function to function within RidgeStar Misconduct ProjectRidgeStar Misconduct Project by clicking on active text hyperlinks that appear like this. OR... many of the graphical objects are also active links (e.g. clicking on the yellow/red card "logo" in the upper left corner on any page will return you to this home page).

So.. if you're ready to go, click your way through the Table of Contents you'll find at the left edge of every Site page, which lists each Segment of the site like this: Information. If you're a first timer and just interested in what the RidgeStar Misconduct Project is all about, click on Information to read over the basics and background associated with this project.

And ... until we meet again ...

Here's hoping your whistle is strong and the competition good!