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The RidgeStar Misconduct Project's SiteSite is the operational portion of a project intended to aid and assist Soccer Referees with the management and related activities associated with any Misconduct that occurs during sanctioned Soccer matches. It is the intent of "The Misconduct Project" to provide support for as wide a variety of matches as possible (including matches sanctioned by the USSF and it's affiliated organizations, NFHS and it's schools, etc., etc.,).

The worldwide soccer authority (FIFA) generally describes Misconduct in the Laws of the Game-> in Law 12 (Fouls and Misconduct). Some other authorities that are not associated with FIFA also describe Misconduct in their own, but related and similar, publications. Throughout this site, we will attempt to utilize FIFA's Laws of the Game as our guiding principles, but the visitor is reminded that we ARE attempting to facilitate the management of Misconduct in ANY sanctioned Soccer match.

So...with that as a background, here's who is responsible for and hosting the RidgeStar Misconduct ProjectRidgeStar Misconduct Project:

  • RidgeStar, a division of North Ridge Software, Inc.
  • 1010 Harris Avenue #201
  • Bellingham, WA 98225-7070 U.S.A
  • Email: Misconduct@RidgeStar.com
  • Voice: (360) 676-5999

Please DO keep in mind that while this site can and is intended to service a wide variety of Misconduct related issues, it is (at its heart) a site dedicated to helping Referees get their job done properly. So...if the site has a little bit of a Referee "tone" to it, that's because it's written by Referees, supported by Referees, and intended to service Referees. Of course, we hope it's also useful to others (Coaches, Authorities, Committees, Chapters, etc.), but first and foremost - it's for the Referees associated with THE greatest Game around.

The "Game" is called Soccer on this site, simply because that's the name most commonly used in the U.S. However, for most of our brethren in the world's Football community, it's Football or Futbol and when we use the phrase "Soccer", we DO mean THE sport governed by FIFA